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All of the shows distributed by CMG Global Media are owned, operated and controlled by the individual owners of the shows. CMG Global Media shall not be liable for any materials aired by these shows. The individual show owners, hosts, Disc Jockeys, Presenters and or stations are responsible solely for what they air and all of the legalities that go with the airing of their shows. CMG Global Media continues its growth with a steady influx of new radio shows.

CMG Global Media Is A Distribution Center

We market our clients radio shows across a wide range of radio stations across the globe. The shows aired may play on a whole host of other websites, podcasts, ITunes, Spotify, Radio Stations, and other national and or global networks. Reporting of any means is the sole responsibility of the show owners, All shows are independently owned and operated.

Radio Show Syndication

We presently syndicate 140 radio shows across the globe via a vast network of global radio stations both internet and telestial. If you are visiting us and would like more information about placing your radio show into our system of syndicated shows contact us.

Song Distribution

CMG Global Media not only distributes great Radio Shows but we also distribute Indie Music each and every day to our Global Network Disc Jockeys, Show Hosts, Presenters and Stations.

The CMG Global Radio Club

The Club is our vehicle for song and music distribution across the Global Radio Network. Indie artists, songwriters, record labels and music professionals who become members are entitled to our distribution services. It is better than any Artist Compilation CD ever created! Get all of the club details today visit CMG Global Radio.



Dedicated to Our Clients!

As CEO of CMG Global Media I take pride in seeing to it that our clients prosper in their endeavors, Our Team Goal is to continue our growth and expansion as well as meeting the needs of all who come to us for our services. Any business can offer services but we believe it is our objective to go beyond the expectations of all that we are honored to serve! It is my personal goal to take this media organization to new heights and to go where we have never gone before! We can do this with hard work, dedication and the help of all of our clients and partners! We are embarking on a new age of media and with our vision we know we can stay on top!

The team and I have plans on the drawing board to expand our current radio show markets as well as building new markets within the Television and Publication markets. The competition is fierce and the goals are high but no one can build anything without a vision. We invite you to join us today and catch the vision! Stephen A. Smith.

Marketing Consulting

If you are a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Agent or Radio Personality we offer years of experience to assist you in marketing your brand. If you are looking for the best in promotional services we are here to assist you. Your branding is important to us and it should be just as important to you. For more information contact us today!

CMG Global Media

We began as The Cramer Multi Media Group in 2005, and in 2014 we changed the name to CMG Global Media. Founded on a vision to spread Indie Music worldwide and become the largest distributor of Indie Music Globally. It began with CMG Global Radio and the Dona & Jerry Show growing into a full media coverage organization. Today CMG Global Media Syndicated shows wrap around the entire globe. More and more shows come to us for syndication within a massive network of radio stations.

The Global Radio Network

The Network encompasses thousands of radio stations from around the world. The Global Radio Network presently has over 10.000 members and is still growing each day. We are astounded at the speed at which this growth has taken place. From all across the globe music and broadcast professionals are catching the vision!

Syndicated Shows On Demand

You can hear great music and great shows around the clock. Enjoy the global shows with the best show hosts on the planet! The shows are presented by our syndicated partners all across the Global Network, You will find a whole host of Syndicated Shows each and every week from all across the globe. Listen To A Show Now! The DJ's would love to hear from you send them an email.

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